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Designing your own tag is fun and easy! Feeling creative and adventurous and want tips and templates? Need "professional help" from one of our Design Partners? You can get all that and more on our design page. Learn tips and tricks and find easy links to our helpful, affordable design pros.

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What Are Pathtags?

Pathtags are really user-created art turned into high quality metal tags. Mainly used as trading and swag items for Geocaching, Pathtags have found their way into a whole host of places like Scouting, Military, Schools, Clubs, and more. See your own design come to life! Buy a Pathtag today!

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Get 10% more tags on any order in the month of August!  The promo is auto-filled for you at checkout.  Use the code to get the 10% bonus or replace with your own promo code - sorry no code stacking.  Valid on refills, starter kits and change orders!

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Customer Stories & Testimonials

There are over 621 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


"These tags came out great! This tag was designed for our first club tag. We are part of the Endangered Species II Club. The tag has been a huge hit! We will be needing to order a refill soon. "

traveling armadillos

"I am beyond excited about our new pathtags! We weren't sure how they were going to turn out with our much lacking graphic design. But they turned out AWESOME!! Thank you so much. Now we are already planning a new design. Thank you PATHTAGS you guys put out such a quality product! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"


"Once we decided to make our first Pathtag, I couldn't submit the design quickly enough. We were so excited to have our own personal Pathtag signature item. We definitely weren't disappointed, and were amazed how fantastic the tag turned out! I am looking forward to making another tag soon. These little guys are sooooo addictive! :-)"

Imperial Walkers

"I have been collecting Pathtags for some time didn't know they were loggable need to go back and log them."


"Wow! My latest tags arrived today & I am really impressed with how they turned out... but then again, I have generally found that my tags exceed expectations. It's always great to come home & find a Pathtag parcel waiting for me! Thanks."


"I live in South Australia and the Might Murray River flows through our state. In years gone by the paddle boats were the only form of reliable transportation. Now they are for pleasure cruises and always there are the amazing orange cliffs, eroded over thousands of years to look at. This pathtag turned out so well. To show the sun, cliffs, the river and the detail of the boat is incredible."

Aussie M and M

"I received my tags in great time and condition considering they are heading around the world to me. Delighted with my first tag. I will defintely be back for more!!"


"I am so happy that this tag arrived today! It came out so beautifully! Waiting time for this one was almost 8 weeks due to the postal stike but they have finally arrived safely. She is a beauty! Thank you to the pathtags team!"


"When I found my first pathtag I moved it to another geocache not knowing what I had found. After learning more about them, I found another a few months later and I kept it. Then another few months went by and I had the priviledge of meeting Jellyfish and trippy1976 at an event, within minutes I was hooked! Ed and Mike not only were able to answer my questions, they gave me a few tags to help fuel the desire to create, gift and trade my own. I've since created 2 tags with 2 more planned for the near future, with more to follow. Another pathtag addict is born, thanks for helping with the addiction! ~Lion "


"My tag came out better than I expected! You did a fantastic job on the border! Thank you! Thank you for your hard work!"


There are over 621 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


Mega Event Tag Order Guidance

Dates are estimates for guidance only, they do not constitute a guarantee of delivery. Production times vary. Based on 8 weeks of production & delivery time after blueprint approval.
Event Date Approve By
GeoVenture2020 10/02/21 08/07/21
6 days left!
Going Caching 2021 10/02/21 08/07/21
6 days left!
Brunete4Geo 2020+1 10/09/21 08/14/21
13 days left!
NZ Mega 2020 (in 2021!) 10/23/21 08/28/21
27 days left!
200 let KHB 10/30/21 09/04/21
34 days left!
The Wangaratta Event 2021 11/14/21 09/19/21
49 days left!
8. Brockenfrühstück - Der Weg ist das Ziel 12/18/21 10/23/21
83 days left!
Und 11 Uhr an der Pappel, wie immer an Silvester! 12/31/21 11/05/21
96 days left!
S*W*A*G's Yuma Mega #18 02/06/22 12/12/21
133 days left!
20th Annual Texas Challenge & Geocaching Festival 03/19/22 01/22/22
174 days left!
BRUGSE BEER X 04/09/22 02/12/22
195 days left!
CacheQLD - Townsville 04/16/22 02/19/22
202 days left!
MOGA 2022 04/23/22 02/26/22
209 days left!
GPS MAZE EUROPE 2020 Prague – Edition 2022 05/14/22 03/19/22
230 days left!
20 let geocachingu v ?R – Praha 2022 05/14/22 03/19/22
230 days left!
20 Years of Geocaching Prague 2020 – Edition 2022 05/14/22 03/19/22
230 days left!
ASP Geobash XV 05/21/22 03/26/22
237 days left!
GeoWallons - Au Pays des Lacs 05/28/22 04/02/22
244 days left!
Auf einen Sprung ins Vogtland ... 2022 05/28/22 04/02/22
244 days left!
geoLjubljana 2022 06/04/22 04/09/22
251 days left!
Ohio GeoClash & Festival 2022 06/11/22 04/16/22
258 days left!
Siniset ajatukset - Mega Finland 06/11/22 04/16/22
258 days left!
Verrückte Geolausitz 06/11/22 04/16/22
258 days left!
Rumo ao Sol 2021 (in 2022) 06/11/22 04/16/22
258 days left!
Geodoorn 2022 06/18/22 04/23/22
265 days left!
Terezin Games 2022 06/25/22 04/30/22
272 days left!
CampingParty@Montejunto'22 06/25/22 04/30/22
272 days left!
Geocaching Party 2022 - Pomorze 06/25/22 04/30/22
272 days left!
Publish - Das Mega-Film-Spektakel 06/26/22 05/01/22
273 days left!
Škola v prírode - ?ergov 07/02/22 05/07/22
279 days left!
GPS MAZE ADVENTURES 2022 - France 07/16/22 05/21/22
293 days left!
GeoNord Is a Great Adventure 07/16/22 05/21/22
293 days left!
Luonnostaan villi 07/23/22 05/28/22
300 days left!
Love Love... Viseu 08/13/22 06/18/22
321 days left!
2022 Discover L&A County Geocaching Event 08/20/22 06/25/22
328 days left!
Project Glück Auf 2022 09/17/22 07/23/22
356 days left!