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185,096 taggers from 86 countries have made 50,556 tag designs, completed 1,025,235 trades, and collected 3,546,067 tags using our online tools. Get in on all the fun! Buy A Pathtag Now!
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Designing your own tag is fun and easy! Feeling creative and adventurous and want tips and templates? Need "professional help" from one of our Design Partners? You can get all that and more on our design page. Learn tips and tricks and find easy links to our helpful, affordable design pros.

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What Are Pathtags?

Pathtags are really user-created art turned into high quality metal tags. Mainly used as trading and swag items for Geocaching, Pathtags have found their way into a whole host of places like Scouting, Military, Schools, Clubs, and more. See your own design come to life! Buy a Pathtag today!

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Connect with friends from around the world to collect and trade Pathtags. Features like our trade manager, online collection, PathCash, and more make trading by mail and in person easy and fun! Make a tag and experience the true excitement of a mailbox full of Pathtags from around the world!

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Customer Stories & Testimonials

There are over 637 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


"We received our tags before we actually got the email that they had shipped out. We are so happy with how our tags turned out. Now have to figure out what might be next."


"I was a bit worried after I got the "what this will look like" back. But very happy I said yes. It turned out very well. They did a great job of fixing up my mistakes in the design and cleaned it up a bit. I'm very happy with how it has turned out."

Tape worm

"I loved Ver. 1 of this tag but Ver. 2 is a lot better. My name adds to my Ham Radio Call Sign and the custom ID on the back is fantastic, I love it. The colors are great, they represent two flags. Excellent work!!!"


"Our first tag and it came out much better then we thought was possible!! Our thanks to pathtag and Jamie and Jessica of Web Design by J & J"


"I found a pathtag in a local geocache. After some investigation of just "what is a pathtag" I knew I wanted one of my very own. I submitted my tag design and watched the computer for the next few days for my "blueprint" for approval. The blueprint was cuter than I imagined. But the best surprise was when the tags actually arrived. I was thrilled that the tags were even better than the blueprint. They are just perfect! Thank you for assisting me with my unique creation. Doanna"


"I received my order of Caliber's CACHE CAB path tags yesterday. They were delivered a day or two before I expected them. I'm delighted with end result. You folks took my somewhat lacking artistry and turned out a product that I'm most proud of. Thank you Path tags. Caliber"


"Well, after receiving our first tags I was all set and ready with a new design, so off to photoshop I went and came up with a tag for my choppers. I wanted a different border on it, something that related to motorcycles, and so my chain border was born. It turned out fantastic, thanks again Pathtags. I have many more designs ready to submit, but have to wait a bit."


"Domo!!! (= Howdy! and Aloha! in Japanese!) My very first own Pathtag has finally arrived! Turned out even better than the blueprint! Love it!"


"When I first found a Pathtag and saw that it didn't cost very much to make my own... I thought... I can make some of my jeep. I take pictures of my jeep all the time and think THAT PICTURE WILL MAKE A GREAT PATHTAG! I now have 3 made of my jeep... and working on a 4th... "


"These tags are such great symbols of each creator! I snapped a picture of my three boys during a caching adventure and thought it would make a great tag. The idea of adding glitter to make my boys "special" to others was too much to resist. Flash Tag Designs took an "OK" picture, tweaked and detailed and now I have...WOW....a reminder of a great day my cache buddies and I had. It also provides an opportunity for me to brag about and show off my "kids". Excellent work Pathtags team! The details, colors and commitment to quality make each masterpiece worth the wait!"


There are over 637 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


Mega Event Tag Order Guidance

Dates are estimates for guidance only, they do not constitute a guarantee of delivery. Production times vary. Based on 8 weeks of production & delivery time after blueprint approval.
Event Date Approve By
2024 Metro Gathering - Celebrating 10 years 06/15/24 04/20/24
2 days left!
Verrückte Geolausitz 2 06/15/24 04/20/24
2 days left!
Brocken Sommersonnenwende 06/15/24 04/20/24
2 days left!
5 Jahre Unser schönes Niedersachsen 06/22/24 04/27/24
9 days left!
School in nature - 10 years 06/29/24 05/04/24
16 days left!
CacheFest Oklahoma 07/06/24 05/11/24
23 days left!
Event am See 2024 / Event at the Lake 2024 07/06/24 05/11/24
23 days left!
Geocaching Party 2024 07/06/24 05/11/24
23 days left!
Piste Iin päällä 07/13/24 05/18/24
30 days left!
Midwest Geobash 2024 - 20th Year! 07/27/24 06/01/24
44 days left!
Piratemania 16 Dinton Pastures - Eight Bells Nigh! 07/27/24 06/01/24
44 days left!
South East UK Mega 2024 08/03/24 06/08/24
51 days left!
West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2024 08/10/24 06/15/24
58 days left!
Love Love... Ourém 08/10/24 06/15/24
58 days left!
Lesen - Leihen - Loggen 08/10/24 06/15/24
58 days left!
2024 Discover L&A County Geocaching Event 08/17/24 06/22/24
65 days left!
GeoSlovácko 2024 08/17/24 06/22/24
65 days left!
Astro-Bud?jovice / Astro-Budweis 08/31/24 07/06/24
79 days left!
Europa in Büren ???????? 2024 09/14/24 07/20/24
93 days left!
Geocoinfest Europe 2024 - Alicante/España 09/21/24 07/27/24
100 days left!
PARDUBICE 2024 - KUN?TICKÁ HORA 09/28/24 08/03/24
107 days left!
Wild Wild Westland 09/28/24 08/03/24
107 days left!
Going Caching 2024 10/05/24 08/10/24
114 days left!
KGB 3 10/05/24 08/10/24
114 days left!
Rico's 10th Anniversary 10/12/24 08/17/24
121 days left!
Und 11 Uhr an der Pappel, wie immer an Silvester! 12/31/24 11/05/24
201 days left!
Za praotcem ?echem - SKNC Rip X. 01/01/25 11/06/24
202 days left!
Blockwurst im Garten, die Party kann starten 01/04/25 11/09/24
205 days left!