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171,893 taggers from 85 countries have made 42,990 tag designs, completed 924,284 trades, and collected 3,152,470 tags using our online tools. Get in on all the fun! Buy A Pathtag Now!
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Designing your own tag is fun and easy! Feeling creative and adventurous and want tips and templates? Need "professional help" from one of our Design Partners? You can get all that and more on our design page. Learn tips and tricks and find easy links to our helpful, affordable design pros.

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What Are Pathtags?

Pathtags are really user-created art turned into high quality metal tags. Mainly used as trading and swag items for Geocaching, Pathtags have found their way into a whole host of places like Scouting, Military, Schools, Clubs, and more. See your own design come to life! Buy a Pathtag today!

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Connect with friends from around the world to collect and trade Pathtags. Features like our trade manager, online collection, PathCash, and more make trading by mail and in person easy and fun! Make a tag and experience the true excitement of a mailbox full of Pathtags from around the world!

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Customer Stories & Testimonials

There are over 622 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


"TRIPLE WOW! Wow, you folks at pathtags.com do an excellent job, wow, Megan of FlyingFish Design did a fantastic job helping me design my new tag, and wow, it is gorgeous!!! I'm very happy! I was able to order two different colors of the tag (couldn't decide) and I just want to thank you for connecting me with the list of the various designers you have on your site. I have the ideas in my head, but just can't draw them... It's a wonderful service you have available to all. Thank you, again! ~Cukie"


"I found my first pathtag about 6 months ago and was wow'ed by the quality......but not as Wow'ed as when I got my own.....it is beautiful and such great quality....I can't wait to share them with everyone.....I am so proud of my Caching Crazy tag."


"I was slow getting into pathtags, having found a couple and not knowing what really to do with them. But once I logged into the site, and saw the thousands of different tags, I was hooked. I thought long and hard about whether to buy my own tags, and finally bit the bullet. With the help of Stephen from True North Designs, putting my first tag together was a breeze, and then came the wait for them to be delivered. When they finally came in, it was like Christmas. Even before they arrived, I had offers for trades. This is, as my grandson spells it, kewl!"

Nunavut Taidy

"The Treasure of Tull's Bay is a 15 cache series ending in a huge treasure. We wanted something very special to give to the few pirates brave enough to accomplish the feat. You came through for us. This tag is awesome."

Adventure Stones Society

"This is our first pathtag and we are very excited to receive it. The quality is excellent and the response for trades has been overwhelming. I guess we need to order more."

mccachers simi

"Hello! I just wanted to say "I LOVE THESE TAGS!" Wow that was quick! I didn't expect them for 2 more weeks! Thanks so much for the great service and quality. This tag is truely fabulous!"


"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I expected a pretty nice tag, but what I got was jaw-dropping. I LOVE my new tag! You guys did an amazing job, and your customer service was the best. Thanks!"


"Recieved my newest tag in the mail today and I LOVE THEM !! They came way earlier than expected which makes for a very happy tagger, and they are soo classy which is impart Thanks to Lee ( gvsu4msu ) for his great design skills. Anways Thanks for a beautiful tag !! "


"Hi there - Just received my pathtags and they are even more gorgeous than I imagined! Thanks so much!!"


"WOW!! I can't believe (ok, I can) how well these tags came out! The Airstream is soooo shiny!! After all the time spent on the flamingos they came out awesome! You guys did a FANTASTIC job!! Keep up the great work!!!"


There are over 622 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


Mega Event Tag Order Guidance

Dates are estimates for guidance only, they do not constitute a guarantee of delivery. Production times vary. Based on 8 weeks of production & delivery time after blueprint approval.
Event Date Approve By
8. Brockenfrühstück - Der Weg ist das Ziel 12/18/21 10/23/21
25 days left!
Und 11 Uhr an der Pappel, wie immer an Silvester! 12/31/21 11/05/21
38 days left!
S*W*A*G's Yuma Mega #18 02/06/22 12/12/21
76 days left!
20th Annual Texas Challenge & Geocaching Festival 03/19/22 01/22/22
117 days left!
BRUGSE BEER X 04/09/22 02/12/22
138 days left!
CacheQLD - Townsville 04/16/22 02/19/22
145 days left!
MOGA 2022 04/23/22 02/26/22
152 days left!
GPS MAZE EUROPE 2020 Prague – Edition 2022 05/14/22 03/19/22
172 days left!
20 let geocachingu v ?R – Praha 2022 05/14/22 03/19/22
172 days left!
20 Years of Geocaching Prague 2020 – Edition 2022 05/14/22 03/19/22
172 days left!
ASP Geobash XV 05/21/22 03/26/22
179 days left!
GeoWallons - Au Pays des Lacs 05/28/22 04/02/22
186 days left!
Auf einen Sprung ins Vogtland ... 2022 05/28/22 04/02/22
186 days left!
geoLjubljana 2022 06/04/22 04/09/22
193 days left!
Ohio GeoClash & Festival 2022 06/11/22 04/16/22
200 days left!
Siniset ajatukset - Mega Finland 06/11/22 04/16/22
200 days left!
Verrückte Geolausitz 06/11/22 04/16/22
200 days left!
Rumo ao Sol 2021 (in 2022) 06/11/22 04/16/22
200 days left!
Geodoorn 2022 06/18/22 04/23/22
207 days left!
Terezin Games 2022 06/25/22 04/30/22
214 days left!
CampingParty@Montejunto'22 06/25/22 04/30/22
214 days left!
Geocaching Party 2022 - Pomorze 06/25/22 04/30/22
214 days left!
Publish - Das Mega-Film-Spektakel 06/26/22 05/01/22
215 days left!
Škola v prírode - ?ergov 07/02/22 05/07/22
221 days left!
GPS MAZE ADVENTURES 2022 - France 07/16/22 05/21/22
235 days left!
GeoNord Is a Great Adventure 07/16/22 05/21/22
235 days left!
Luonnostaan villi 07/23/22 05/28/22
242 days left!
Love Love... Viseu 08/13/22 06/18/22
263 days left!
2022 Discover L&A County Geocaching Event 08/20/22 06/25/22
270 days left!
Project Glück Auf 2022 09/17/22 07/23/22
298 days left!