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Pathtags are really user-created art turned into high quality metal tags. Mainly used as trading and swag items for Geocaching, Pathtags have found their way into a whole host of places like Scouting, Military, Schools, Clubs, and more. See your own design come to life! Buy a Pathtag today!

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Customer Stories & Testimonials

There are over 618 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


"I knew when I submitted my artwork that my Jedi Council tag would be a tricky one as I really didn't expect minting so much detail to be possible. But I was pleasantly surprised and continue to be impressed with the job done on these tags. Thanks for the great job you do! ~earthrooster"


"I received my pathtags today (SCwolves and LVDirtyDave) and the quality is superb! You and your team kept the design integrity of all the design detail and produced some stunning work. Please pass on "kudos" to all involved for jobs well done."


"I live in South Australia and the Might Murray River flows through our state. In years gone by the paddle boats were the only form of reliable transportation. Now they are for pleasure cruises and always there are the amazing orange cliffs, eroded over thousands of years to look at. This pathtag turned out so well. To show the sun, cliffs, the river and the detail of the boat is incredible."

Aussie M and M

"I started geocaching only about 4 1/2 months ago, and went to my first event when I only had 2 finds under my belt. I met a lot of nice people there, one of whom had brought his collection of over 300 pathtags. Of course I was curious about these little pieces of art, and asked to take a look at his collection. Right then, I just knew that I had to have my own! Later the same evening, I was given a signature tag by the tag's owner, and that only confirmed my desire to get my own! I resisted the temptation to hastily design my pathtag, but within 2 months I had placed an order. The blueprint confirmation process was a bit problematic for me, but now that my tags are here, I am absolutely thrilled with them! I'm so proud of the way they turned out, and am enjoying face-to-face trading with geocaching friends, and a little bit of trading through the mail so far. I can tell already that I will have to come up another design or 2 (or 3, or 4...)!"


"I found my first pathtag about 6 months ago and was wow'ed by the quality......but not as Wow'ed as when I got my own.....it is beautiful and such great quality....I can't wait to share them with everyone.....I am so proud of my Caching Crazy tag."


"The amount of intricate detail possible in these little treasures is truly amazing. I always await each new design with finger-twitching anticipation. My sixth design and I still can't make it into the house to open the envelope. This one made it as far as the front steps and I just couldn't take the suspense anymore! The communication on this VERY detailed tag was consistent and detailed. I LOVE working with the pathtags team....almost as much as when I put this tag into the hands of someone who has never seen a pathtag before! Ah, yes.....I'm an addict! And proud of it!"

surfs retired tags

"I was a bit worried after I got the "what this will look like" back. But very happy I said yes. It turned out very well. They did a great job of fixing up my mistakes in the design and cleaned it up a bit. I'm very happy with how it has turned out."

Tape worm

"I just call - to say - I looove it!"


"Recieved my tag today and thought it was going to be an ok tag,But after looking at the actual tag i'm so impressed with the detail that the pathtag people have kept in it.Thanks for making what I felt was an ok tag into a great tag."


"I can't tell you how happy I am with my set of travel pathtags. They are very special souvenirs of some great journeys I have been fortunate to take, and when I look at them I am flooded with wonderful memories! Thank you for taking Pathman's fabulous designs and bringing them to life. "


There are over 618 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


Mega Event Tag Order Guidance

Dates are estimates for guidance only, they do not constitute a guarantee of delivery. Production times vary. Based on 8 weeks of production & delivery time after blueprint approval.
Event Date Approve By
Midwest Geobash 2021 07/24/21 05/29/21
16 days left!
GPS Adventures Maze - Wauseon, Ohio 07/24/21 05/29/21
16 days left!
Luonnostaan villi 07/24/21 05/29/21
16 days left!
Piratemania 13. Bermuda Triangle 07/31/21 06/05/21
23 days left!
Belgium Art Event 08/07/21 06/12/21
30 days left!
2021 Metro Gathering ~ NJ's American Revolution 08/07/21 06/12/21
30 days left!
UK Mega 2021 - Lincolnshire 08/07/21 06/12/21
30 days left!
Puusta Pitkälle 08/07/21 06/12/21
30 days left!
West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2021 08/14/21 06/19/21
37 days left!
2021 Discover L&A County Geocaching Event 08/21/21 06/26/21
44 days left!
Event am See 2021 / Event at the Lake 2021 08/21/21 06/26/21
44 days left!
Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration 08/21/21 06/26/21
44 days left!
GeoWoodstock XVIII - GWXVIII 08/28/21 07/03/21
51 days left!
London Calling 2021 08/28/21 07/03/21
51 days left!
GPS MAZE EUROPE 2020 Prague – Edition 2021 09/04/21 07/10/21
58 days left!
20 Years of Geocaching Prague 2020 – Edition 2022 09/04/21 07/10/21
58 days left!
La Agüela END GAME 09/04/21 07/10/21
58 days left!
GCmeetsBC - Wasser & Wein 09/04/21 07/10/21
58 days left!
Geocoinfest 2021 09/04/21 07/10/21
58 days left!
VIKINGEVENTET 2021 09/04/21 07/10/21
58 days left!
Georgia's First GPS Adventures Maze! 09/05/21 07/11/21
59 days left!
Jackson County Agritourism Geo-Trail Kickoff!! 09/05/21 07/11/21
59 days left!
Geoburtstagsparty 09/11/21 07/17/21
65 days left!
Hv?zdný Tábor 09/11/21 07/17/21
65 days left!
|CET2021| "This is the end" 09/18/21 07/24/21
72 days left!
GEOCOINFEST 2021 Europe - Évora/Portugal 09/25/21 07/31/21
79 days left!
Mega Sweden 2021 09/25/21 07/31/21
79 days left!
GeoVenture2020 10/02/21 08/07/21
86 days left!
Going Caching 2021 10/02/21 08/07/21
86 days left!
Brunete4Geo 2020+1 10/09/21 08/14/21
93 days left!
NZ Mega 2020 (in 2021!) 10/23/21 08/28/21
107 days left!
200 let KHB 10/30/21 09/04/21
114 days left!
The Wangaratta Event 2021 11/13/21 09/18/21
128 days left!
8. Brockenfrühstück - Der Weg ist das Ziel 12/18/21 10/23/21
163 days left!
Und 11 Uhr an der Pappel, wie immer an Silvester! 12/31/21 11/05/21
176 days left!
S*W*A*G's Yuma Mega #18 02/06/22 12/12/21
213 days left!
BRUGSE BEER X 04/09/22 02/12/22
275 days left!
20 let geocachingu v ?R – Praha 2022 05/14/22 03/19/22
310 days left!
ASP Geobash XV 05/21/22 03/26/22
317 days left!
GeoWallons - Au Pays des Lacs 05/28/22 04/02/22
324 days left!
Auf einen Sprung ins Vogtland ... 2022 05/28/22 04/02/22
324 days left!
geoLjubljana 2022 06/04/22 04/09/22
331 days left!
Verrückte Geolausitz 06/11/22 04/16/22
338 days left!
Geodoorn 2022 06/18/22 04/23/22
345 days left!
Geocaching Party 2022 - Pomorze 06/25/22 04/30/22
352 days left!
GPS MAZE ADVENTURES 2022 - France 07/16/22 05/21/22
373 days left!
GeoNord Is a Great Adventure 07/16/22 05/21/22
373 days left!
Love Love... Viseu 08/13/22 06/18/22
401 days left!