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160,071 taggers from 84 countries have made 39,919 tag designs, completed 860,911 trades, and collected 2,941,919 tags using our online tools. Get in on all the fun! Buy A Pathtag Now!
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Designing your own tag is fun and easy! Feeling creative and adventurous and want tips and templates? Need "professional help" from one of our Design Partners? You can get all that and more on our design page. Learn tips and tricks and find easy links to our helpful, affordable design pros.

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What Are Pathtags?

Pathtags are really user-created art turned into high quality metal tags. Mainly used as trading and swag items for Geocaching, Pathtags have found their way into a whole host of places like Scouting, Military, Schools, Clubs, and more. See your own design come to life! Buy a Pathtag today!

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Connect with friends from around the world to collect and trade Pathtags. Features like our trade manager, online collection, PathCash, and more make trading by mail and in person easy and fun! Make a tag and experience the true excitement of a mailbox full of Pathtags from around the world!

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Customer Stories & Testimonials

There are over 590 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


"This is my second Pathtag made and the first I designed. It's incredible how much detail is put into these tags. When you think about all the work that goes into making these tags it's amazing how little you pay for them! "

Team Geologynut

"Wow... I knew it was just going to be black and silver but the detail you did made it pop! I love it! This is my third tag in 2 1/2 months. I think I'm addicted :) But every one I have submitted have come out better than I thought possible! Thanks for all your great work on all the tags!"


"This was the first tag we had made and it took a lot of work with several alterations. Despite this, people always love this tag. We have ended up with 2 signature tags, although this one was never intended to be a signature tag. Recently, during a trade, an American pathtagger referred to our tag as a piece of Australian history. So amazing, when it simply and beautifully depicts our first cache and our Beginnings. Thanks so much, and this is one tag that is always available and often traded in person and found in the wild."

Aussie M and M

"The weeks prior to receiving my tags went by far too slowly, but when they arrived I realized they were definitely worth waiting for! They are even better than I'd anticipated! Thank you so much for the time and care you put into them, as well as for answering my questions. "


"The detail on these tags is amazing. Thanks for making this tag so great."


"I was slow getting into pathtags, having found a couple and not knowing what really to do with them. But once I logged into the site, and saw the thousands of different tags, I was hooked. I thought long and hard about whether to buy my own tags, and finally bit the bullet. With the help of Stephen from True North Designs, putting my first tag together was a breeze, and then came the wait for them to be delivered. When they finally came in, it was like Christmas. Even before they arrived, I had offers for trades. This is, as my grandson spells it, kewl!"

Nunavut Taidy

"What can we say? With so much detail crammed into such a small object we weren't sure if this little guy would keep his character. But boy, did this baby turn out grand! Not only did this tag turn out to be a true gem, but it's got LOADS of character, size and INSANE detail. Be sure to check out the photo we added of the tag in real life. Simply AMAZING! Our customers LOVE it, we LOVE it and we'll certainly be back for more in the future!"


"When I saw this logo on the internet, I had to make it as a tag. Why ? Because it has my name on it and I love horses !!! It turned out really great. "


"I just love trading pathtags and it has become an addiction for me! I currently have five tags with two new ones in the works. My favorite so far is my scooter tag. It is very popular and I was out the day they arrived and am getting low again! I enjoy riding my Scooter around town and this tag shows so much detail thanks to Chris Mackey of Aura Design! Hope you enjoy as much as I do!"


"These just arrived today and I'm very pleased with the turnout! The detail is outstanding and colors are great. Now to come up with my next.."


There are over 590 user stories, these are just a few! View More or Share your story!


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