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Posted 10/20/2011

Fredericton Geocaching Challenge

The team in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada wanted to provide the participants in their newly launched Geocaching Challenge with a great reward for completing the challenge.  The reward had to be interesting to cachers, attractive as a souvenir, and affordable

Among other prizes for those who complete the challenge is a great new Pathtag.  To earn this special tag, get out and complete 20 of the 30 caches in the challenge.  The 30 caches are split between nature, culture, and heritage themes. 

Check out the Fredericton Geocaching Challenge and go earn those tags at:

The team in Fredericton is a cross-functional team including the Recreation Division and the city's Tourism Division.  The caches and rewards help the Recreation Division to encourage local citizens to get out and be active.  The challenge helps the Tourism Division attracts visitors to the city to enjoy its cultural areas.  Both groups get great visibility in who is participating and where they traveled from using the interactive features of Pathtags.com.

The challenge launched October 15 and has proven to be incredibly successful and popular!  On the first day, many of the caches ran out of stickers and had to be restocked.  Similar programs around the world have attracted thousands of participants from around the world.  Fredericton looks forward to great success with their program.  Excellent planning of the caches and themes have proven to be highly attractive to Geocachers and the use of Pathtags as part of their reward strategy has ensured that their rewards programmable stays on budget and remains scalable.