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Pen MWGB Tree of Life doberman sun flags BrillO17 New Zealand, Morepork, Horse Riding rainbow Charlie Brown ASP Lookout Stamp Club #5 GW XIV WI Cyclones NYPL Aliner Jolly Roger GWXVII Nunavut september 11th Dragonfly firetruck Designed by Peachy Pathtags madison MEGA bottle Johnny Cash geocaching downunder podcast Wonky Horse DS9 Joplin WWFM Frog,froggy skull & crossbones bottlecap Breast Cancer PADDLE STEAMER cacti Locomotive pathtag island design Caretta Caretta Wisconsin, Fox Valley, WGA Penguin postage stamp Clearwaters wine kangaroo New Richmond Howl Egret Willie Nelson "Geocaching Vlogger" Wilderness UFO Game geodog Seaslug LOL stamp tag Kyndrid Spirit Ciudades de Espana New Hampshire Swimming 80s Shape Oklahoma oil Roadside America Attractions Manx Canada, Australian animal, flag Fuzzypack Little Golden Book Club Rose Xayah Little Golden Book Club #2 Arduino Meeting place of DGS family #Gandalf New Zealand, Morepork, Bungee Jumping Route 66 Winslow Arizona water Hugs enterprise music Fire DaoerBlueBoots American Oz Mega Radio Flyer flying George Carlin goofy Cessna johnnycache Macaw Craft Beer TUC02 02 2019 PTC grief tattoo Dragon bike IA Queensland Wonders of America Club Dogs Linus TromboneMan europe cursed #LordoftheRings poppy New Jersey Texas County Challenge Hampton Roads Tags Snoopy lucky astronomy New York creeper friends Peanuts vintage seed club september 11 Design by Pathtag Island Design firefighting SMILE mini stamp Algebra Harper Sept 11 WI license plate NZ, New Zealand, Caricature, Cartoon signature tag harry potter Ames patriotic Coffee Going Caching delaware marker New Zealand, Morepork Greetings from America Yellowstone djwhouse Batman Lampay Personal hunting cowboy scrapcat, cat, balloons, dog canine Labrador Retriever spoon blue yellow Yuki England Female Form New Zealand Fire engine stickman Peru Birds of the round table wijisixstar Life MiTuCats gws AT Janis Arthur Golden Gate Bridge Oregon AMERICA Arizona historical South Carolina Alex Winter Glitter japan USA ozglory Peachy Pathtags Spiral JMC club beach sci fi Poke salad Beer cache glow USA PTE Edmund Sullivan camp fire Little Golden Book Club 1 GW2019 birthday Waldo Oddie, dog, Star Wars, Obi-Wan Canberra ski JMC Ice Cream Moon landing SAVE THE BOOBIES Zyklopin & Cthulhu boat kawaii Club 11976 aussie Australia down under Albedo SlidellRealtor observatory TRIBUTE geocaching celestial The Peanuts Gang Visits Roadside America oldladyrunning Ohio Southland wildcacher 45766 Postage Stamp Club #6 fairyleg Area 51 Indiana Jones garserio cruise SpiritofthEarth Tribble Ruthven Todd pirates geocoin cornwall 2020 Sword Fight DRAGON, DUCK, MIDWEST, MIDEVAL podcacher Calvin and Hobbes GeoWoodstock 2019 D.C. Borg Compass, Geocaching PEARL BUTTERFLY PIN hat Utah Smoking mountain Geowoodstock 17 Wisconsin johnny enderman owl QOGM Miami Valley Wino University Hansarelli Raven soccer daisy Charley Harper white Postage Stamp Club 4 Pathtag Island Design(Zyklopin & Cthulhu) SideTracked Ruffles Pink Sweets Design Nirvana TALLEST WATERFALL goat BrillO Iowa Manhole Survey Marcus the Cat Bestie Sunshine furry yof Grand Lake american gothic history Historic Route 66 Club SMILIE Sailor Virginia PapaBear Hogwarts Clear Waters bicycle moon tribal West Virginia Katie GWXVII #balrog Niagara Falls angel Recessed PTE Bird Barn flower Christmas in July GW XVII never forget 27 JF&MF Toucan Designs 346565654 Roadside America great britain Vintage Seed Packet Abilene Texas Visitors Bureau tardis flag IAT Kutztown Peregrine Falcon Peachy Pathtags Designs logbook WGA Bundesadler Heaven ornament APE Cache turtle California Lovebirds Knight Poof Bogus Little Golden Book Club Sorcerer Diving fairy Norris Geyser Basin South Dakota pitt bull Charley Harper bear fish oldladyrunning smoke Design by PATHTAGS NL Historic RT 66 Club That’s How I Roll! Polk salad/sallet MWGB, Fox, knight Wonkey Keith Petrus movies Get Wired marine Link Millennium Falcon Captain Kirk FTF snowboard Georgia Fencing greeting from america rocket Merlin Ukulele Camping Spock Mediterranean Red, white & blue PAC Doanna Star Trek New Zealand, Morepork, Flying, Hang Gliding Chattanooga duck Lone Star State CAM cherry blossom The Wonkey Donkey Law Enforcement ALFRED E. NEUMAN railway KRAKÓW; K; crown Capt. Kirk GR8Caches, Australia, Hawaii Heidi girldog Smiley Big Apple Poky Little Puppy rocking out plane, aeroplane, 737, Boeing, jet, Australian, Air Geo Loggerhead Sea Turtle Rakan Private Group JMC Club 2019 scuba Birthplace of DGS Scratch N Sniff Sticker Club Map, Going Caching, Geo, Treasure MWGB State Washington Bridge Hello Kitty tassies selfie Star Wars Skin Deep hooch Fox midwest point hueneme CraftBeer Scooby-Doo CampOut buggy fort worth GWS, cat, black cat, cowboy hat mwgb2019 geocacher Green Sea Turtle search and rescue Wolf Peanuts Visit Roadside America Pierce34 Three Little Pigs Minecraft Isle of Man Queensland Outback Geocaching Muster 2019 Snowy Egret Skull Appalachian Trail wizard GCZ Team Clearwaters Powers Tankengine ammo can 2019 JMC Little Golden Book squirrel VOLUNTEER ARMY Japanese manhole cover qapla qapla ocean GeoWoodstock XVII black island designs Geyser Granbabies LionsLair eng78ine Mukwonago medieval semik raccoon Ice Age Trail ASPGBXIV Wild Bunch geobash Karate ingress poeanne USS Defiant MTCLMBR Excellent Seattle NM maccamob Pirate bear covered bridge snail Wombat Sail Bunny, FTF, GWXVII point fermin Midwest Geobash 19 STATUE OF LIBERTY manhole cover Cool kid Monkey vw Pride Wildcat mermaid WSGA Cactus Potter Silver Arrowhawk Underdog, Polly, cartoon, Woodstock Kurt Cobain Pennywise Vilgot_Puffin uk pentagram Geowoodstock Texas Flowers guitar Ventura Allegany MidWest GeoBash 2019 Queensland Outback Geocaching Muster Honolulu Hero HBVDesign The Blues Brothers pig Murray River Tennessee joy Vintage Fantastic Beasts Little critter nature gcnw rainier Stargate plane aeroplane 737 Boeing jet mountains, translucent, Australian wizard sorcerer Rufus the dog Steamboat Geyser Australia silly Osaka city 366 chickadee cute Jitters world wide flash mob Little Free Library Simple Scrapcat ACME Saskatchewan Scratch N Sniff Route 66 Club shipwreck Disney Wildwoodweed Aussie New Zealand, Morepork, Skiing Star Trek mini Marx Brothers Star Trek Next Generation Stella the sloth cap Gulf Coast cipher PA Eagle Scout Freddy Mercury Marx celebations Texas cat Fire Island Little Golden Book Club 2 Blackall Qld Lavender mine craft Going Caching 2019 Geotrail purple Celtic MIKY_ stickman,stick figure,rocking out Longest Reef Bell Stachey Pete ship Little Golden Book Club 2 oldladyrunning Dumbo TX Walnut Street Bridge CH Charley Harper oldladyrunning wedding car Jeep stitch C’est Bon shrimp Topless pet New Zealand, Morepork, White Water Rafting Travel kitty aircraft Wonders of America BASAJAUN Barley John’s Brewing Company Ermine, Alaska wildlife Newt Strawberry GeoWoodstock naughty or nice wildlife Origin buildings Copper Mom Gnome Hunterzed HikerMom5 Barley John’s Scarlet Robin Tok cryptid Lilo125 ft. worth QUEENSLANDER! star Lazer Mt50 Keanu Reeves Rhinelander Massachusetts FTFGuy College guinea pig tulip Butterfly airplane JenOvations Fun Gryffindor OZGM The Wonky Donkey Cheyenne nurse Michigan 7-11 Charlie Harper Qapla SCGA nursing puppy fresnel lens engine Pets geovlogger Swedish Cancer awareness SAVE SECOND BASE Movie Puma Historic RT 66 Club 2019 fairy tales ACT Peachy Pathtags Designs youngoldfella Welsh Union Wonders of America Oldladyrunning largest estuary Estuary red kayak MnGCA endangered species TromboneMan1 Seaslugs Designs Pink dog Fish river MWGB 2019 Retired PTSD DE lion steam Big Eyed Bird Norwegian Elkhound, GeoWoodstock, Norelkfiend park cachers, path cachers, scripture pup fire truck flamingo 2019 black bear code Peoria, IL Greeting from America Stamp Club Wonders of America Oldladyrunning larges Estuary Abilene Big eyed JLT Patriot Rochester doublesided Sweden Charley Harper, bandicoot, Australian native animals eagle Pathtags_NL succulent panther stars Notre Dame BSA Suicide Grimms Fairy Tales Club Pathtag Express Stag Marvel CAM 2017 Hiker Revolution Virtual Cache unicorn tribal tattoo queen bottle cap kangaroo Mikey Mac Tags translucent Listlady Monarch, butterfly, Milkweed, RAGBRAI kitten Harpo dark horse Bewitched Sorting Hat geowoodstock, woodstock Pentagon Enlightened Greetings from America Stamp Club faerie chico Dolphins Going Coastal Woman bunny spruce Dale n Barb Groucho Marx Geowoodstock Curious george Pomeranian book MWGB 19 hiking, Morepork 1968buggy medical Frog,froggy,witch found it cornish moth DGS, swirl, hypno, hypnotize, Dirtbag Geocaching Society Wine Jewelry math arkansas geodesafíos Natalie247 panpipewolves panpipewoloves robin lilo Ironton Wyoming island design Deep Space Nine Java Prison cacheversary SCDGS Qaplake GCHR Wisconsin Brewed strong firefighters #Tolkien scouting Vlogger dachshund Nasa deadliest cachers nola seal car The Eagles Pain Sewer direwolf YouTube MAD Magazine Goats falcon recreation Fox Valley Geocachers hueneme Fairy Tale StarvTrek JoeBids A little golden Book Armadillo Chocolate Frog oil Stamp Club 5 tribbles League of legends #LOTR America the Beautiful decoder Oz GeoMuster Halloween cat Civil Air Patrol MLP pathtags nl 2017 balloon Guardians Drainspotting johnnycache313 donkey Bee Geocaching geocache geojay603 Revel Dogs peanuts gang visits roadside america SHIPROCKED GWSXVII MiGO industrial septic eye unlucky irish JetFuselage Australia StarWars thrush Cassiopei Kandersteg witch seeker austria Kyndrid Spirit Design Queanbeyan Nova Jester Staffy fairies MINI Raven frog pathtagislanddesign BlueEyes58 Woodstock MWGB,snoopy,woodstock film black cat I.S.S. Discovery Plane, flying, 737 HOOTIE Christmas science fiction Deer maritime cachecanada Alaska Pelican Redwood space sloth Fast Magic German chevy green Native American, Seneca, Indian, Salamanca Vermont Southern Cross loon Peoria volcano Chico Marx Rufus Peanuts Gang Midwest Geobash teacher Trombone SG1 Military Longhorn Glow Worm country music Scouts Dan Phelps Ink birds Anchor, U.S. Navy, Coolio, Hands happy Fort Worth, TX Texas County Challenge, GCRX6F Pink Sweets stamp skeleton Grimms Club #5 Prestonjohn07 GWS XVII Geowoodstock XVII Dirtbag Geocaching Society HQ Nevada Hawaii Dutch angel dragon cherry Thin Blue Line aviation hot air balloon united kingdom echidna palm tree benchmark Teal National Scenic Trail MHC flight lighthouse Chicken in Black Route 66 Club 2019 astronaut Mikey Mac chocolate Astrophotography snow No_Tomorrow Lake Superior MASUDA GeoTour love IDAHO sussex GeoWoodstock XVII blue Oklahoma Minnesota Ucon 1108 Australian Norfolk Island Pink Sweets Designs QOGM 2019 Multiplication Tigersdens Bill&Ted aquarium NZ, Raven, Teepee snorkeling Kansas Mid-West GeoBash CH Story Book British Columbia wooden nickel Magpie NRL ASPGB stick figure APC Space Cat tree camp GIGA New Mexico Peachy Pathtag Designs Jen Hodag Stained glass Wauseon sunrise Wagon Illinois hummingbird Trio NurseB33 corgi, beach, fluffy voyager seagnoid deadliest caachers, the deadlieast cachers, crab, deadliest catch rabbit hbvdesign cruise ship Mediterranean flags sea ocean travel cup Harpo Marx Greetings from America Postage Stamp Club ALM pink cow pathtags football Groucho Wired Moose GW14 Colorado ozarkcheryl Powercat NoTomorrow Train black Dirtbag HopeIslandGoat set Kilauea Kyndrid New Zealand, Rugby JMHC Seaworld Alphabet Club Pennsylvania tourism America the Beautiful Quarter Club dinosaur Space Coast stamp club Mr. Spock Maryland postage 1950s stickers Geocaching Australia Tassie Trekkers #moria Biker64 Postage Stamp Club #5

Tag # 45597 Born 12/11/18
Ferrets Halloween tag

Tag # 44403 Born 05/14/18

Tag # 42008 Born 06/06/17
Dreaming Of Yeshua
By: Mikki10

Tag # 41125 Born 02/19/17
Mikey WhiteFeet

Tag # 39474 Born 06/24/16
Racer57's 5000th Find
By: Racer57

Tag # 37676 Born 12/28/15

Tag # 37216 Born 10/24/15

Tag # 35873 Born 06/04/15
TxSC Block Party tag

Tag # 35754 Born 05/26/15
DaxVolks Finish the Texas County Challenge!

Tag # 35743 Born 05/24/15
glowing caverns
By: Zmann33

Tag # 34964 Born 03/18/15
...when the Doctor was me.

Tag # 34814 Born 03/05/15
Zmann33 and TexMann top of Texas
By: Zmann33

Tag # 34418 Born 01/26/15
The Caching Dead - Texas County Challenge

Tag # 34126 Born 01/04/15
2015 Geocaching To Do List Challenge

Tag # 33554 Born 11/01/14
ahbirder 1.0

Tag # 32285 Born 07/18/14
1001 Caching Days in a Row

Tag # 31870 Born 06/11/14
Crazykoda 2014

Tag # 31424 Born 05/11/14
European Vacation 2014

Tag # 31306 Born 05/01/14

Tag # 31277 Born 04/30/14
Christmas Minnie

Tag # 30467 Born 03/01/14
Airstreaming Daxis

Tag # 30065 Born 01/29/14
Sour Milk v2

Tag # 30064 Born 01/29/14
The Caching Dead - v4

Tag # 29856 Born 01/15/14
Hillbilly Hermione

Tag # 27289 Born 05/30/13
Indian Lodge 1