Want a quick, easy and FREE way to add some fun an excitement to your next gathering or Geocaching event?

Check out Pathtag LCR - a fun, fast-paced, easy to learn variant on the classic LCR dice game. LCR stands for Left, Center, Right. While you play you'll get to see a lot of different Pathtags. Try to hold on to your favorites before the dice rolls them away! Stay for one round or play all afternoon. The stakes are low but the fun is high!

The rules are easy, we've provided them here and in the dice kits. We also have this 5 minute video that shows a game with 4 players which will further help you to set up and run your own session.

To Play:

  • Keeping a table at 7 players or less is generally recommended to ensure comfort and a fast pace although more or less players at a table is workable if everyone is comfortable and play moves quickly.
  • Based on your expected crowd size, you may want/need multiple tables to be running at once.
  • Rounds move and finish pretty quickly, usually in 5 minutes or less. After each round existing players may leave and new players may join a table.
  • Players take a seat at the table and bring 3 Pathtags from their collection, which they place in front of them.
    • Have fun and mix it up if the mood strikes you! You could have a round that requires all tags to have glitter. Or another round where at least one personal tag is required. Try to make the rules inclusive, everyone should be permitted to play every round if they at least have a 3 tag buy-in. If a player can't strictly meet the buy-in requirements for a round a "Do Your Best" approach should be taken and the player should still be permitted to play if they have 3 tags.
  • In the first game at each table, the person with the most Pathtags in their collection goes first. If this is unknown, the youngest goes first.
  • After the first game finishes, and other players join the table, the newest player to join the table goes first for the next round.
  • When it is your turn, and you have tags in front of you, roll up to 3 dice depending how many tags you have in front of you.
    • If you have 3 or more tags, roll 3 dice
    • If you have 2 tags left, roll 2 dice
    • If you have 1 tag left, roll 1 dice
  • Once you have rolled, each dice tells you what to do with your Pathtags.
    • L = Pass one of your Pathtags to the player to the left
    • C = Put one of your Pathtags into pot at the center of the table
    • R = Pass one of your Pathtags to the player to the right.
    • Pathtag Logo = For each Pathtag logo you roll, you keep one of your tags
  • When you are finished your turn, pass the dice to your left and the game continues.
  • If you do not have any Pathtags in front of you, you are still in the game! However your turn is skipped and you do not roll the dice. You may end up getting Pathtags passed to you on your neighbor’s turn. When it is your next turn, if you have received tags from a neighbor, you can roll again.
  • The game ends when only one person has Pathtags left in front of them. They are the winner and they collect the tags from the center of the table.
  • Invite new players to join if there are any around and play again!

Pathtag LCR Session Host Information

Every Pathtag LCR session needs a host to set up the tables, explain the rules, get the games started, and to facilitate the fun. Hosts can also play, and are encouraged to do so after the tables get rolling. Usually after getting things going, the tables run themselves with existing players explaining the rules to new players joining. We appreciate you bringing the fun of Pathtags to events around the world. As a session host, you are eligible for rewards! Hosting Pathtag LCR session has benefits! It's fun for attendees, but as a host you can earn cold hard PathCash that can be applied to a future Pathtag order. Here is how to earn PathCash:
  • Request your dice set (see details below)
  • Host an event or received approval from another event to host a Pathtag LCR session!
  • Play at least 3 rounds of Pathtag LCR (3 full games where a pot is won) at the event
  • Take a photo of the action in at least 3 rounds.
  • Share the photos on your preferred social media outlet and tag with #PathtagsLCR.
  • Contact us at support@pathtags.com to verify your social media post.
  • You will earn $10 PathCash for every event that you host at least 3 rounds of LCR at.
    • Facebook bonus! Use the hashtag and tag/mention our Facebook Page in your post to earn a bonus $5!
  • If you don’t have a social media account, submit your photos to support@pathtags.com to be posted to our Facebook page.
  • If you don’t care about the PathCash reward, please enjoy playing Pathtags LCR with your complimentary set of dice.
The Small Print:
We recognize that your willingness to be a host creates positive product exposure for us and bonus fun for event attendees. However, any time you're offering a financial incentive, you have to be careful to protect yourself from misuse and unexpected situations. Therefore, here is some small print. This program is designed to create a mutually beneficial scenario. Rewards are limited to $15 in PathCash per month unless an exception is agree on by contacting us at support@pathtags.com. We reserve the right to increase, decrease, or deny rewards in our sole discretion if we feel a host exceeded, fell short, or violated the objectives of the program as documented here. The guidelines and small print here may change and without notice. We suggest you always review this page for updates prior to hosting a session. If you aren't 100% certain after reading this page if what you want to do will produce the result you are envisioning - please consult us up-front to avoid confusion and "bad blood".

Requesting Complimentary Dice Sets For Your Event

To get a complimentary dice set and game instructions, email support@pathtags.com with your event details and the address to ship them to. Please allow 5 business days to process your request and mailing times vary, especially internationally. Please ensure you leave enough time for shipping the dice in time for your event.