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japan Spiral Lareau Hurricane santa Wizard of Oz snowflake club doll Sun set Sunshine Pasco flinstone Jessica Rabbit mandela Mystic Quest Christ Strawberry Shortcake Piper Whovians 2015 dr who found belfast shotgun Pink Sweets Pathtag Doctor Who gem blackbolt dangerous Honor CachingJAK Florida Finders Fest Outback sky Metro sea Sun, Queensland Mega mcguyvertwo LSD North American Bird Club Headbanger Leonardo Woodpecker JMC JAPANESE MANHOLE COVER Poodle Sunflowers 2 Seattle full moon JaKaty Pink Nativity Happy Holidays vanislelady Transformers Milk sparrow Klompen Parrot Charley Harper Club 2 Highway Club palm tree meow Calvin & Hobbes Hawai'i Virginia signature tag Cathedral trap Butterfly España Japanese manhole cover Brownie snow bulls Raven world travelers Gnome Pathtags Chussone Tribute tag- dog Stargate japanese robin williams Atlas beach ALFRED E. NEUMAN Scotland whale Visit Essex UK Mega 2015 drain cover Environment Cow Group We will remember Elvis Presley sci fi Star Wars Formula1 laloupe talldave female form Vintage car HelloSweetie New Orleans 2002 Bethlehem redhead finland Albino Channel Cat Michigan Little Dipper suicide king gold sakura Sic'em zombie Design by Pseudandry tardis light Team-Prince Armistice Jon Pertwee North Star HBVDesign Cartoon geopate mega event TLC by Loki geocache Breda softball29 feline Vinylmation Military theBasty cute nemesis chigger ftf Teach Teenage Minion Ninja Turtle MLB BISSRA signature Hawai'i Geocacher Dog Scout scuba diving Jen Swedish state bird WW 1 stanthorpe cadette Calvin Cane Toad Red Headed Woodpecker Suffolk dolphin O'ahu geocacher wings Dirtbags cello heart day skotlee X'mas College Letterboxer Advent sugarskull Dr. Who Bicardi 151 Phoenix San Diego super hero Alaska, firemanak, Raspberry pi cornwall Demon Mustache Raphael Fox native american Pasty muertos mdgps Arponen Whiteman 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cache container astronomy Grand Moff Tarkin cintaffy Armadillo MOGA Australia Mega Osaka Cancer ribbons Designed by Pathtags NL MERMAID CLUB, MERMAID, SIREN, PIRATE, BOAT Adventure Easter 2015 dachshund scary cover Dancer Dean 1st Place squirrel clock 18,000 Pricetag atlantis IslesPunkFan Train Whovian 2015 GeoTour

Tag # 33491 Born 10/28/14
Everlasting 18,000th find

Tag # 33129 Born 09/28/14
JaKaty's 2000 finds
By: JaKaty

Tag # 33127 Born 09/28/14
Karelerak's 3000 finds

Tag # 33050 Born 09/22/14
tmann421 20,000 Finds

Tag # 33049 Born 09/22/14
tmann421 20,000 Cache Finds (Glow)

Tag # 32977 Born 09/16/14
5000 Milestone
By: SoobaxM

Tag # 32788 Born 09/03/14
bateshavingfun 10K Tag

Tag # 32615 Born 08/20/14
PAfishingmom 1st anniversary geocaching

Tag # 32326 Born 07/22/14
Nosynel's 1st Birthday
By: Nosynel

Tag # 32285 Born 07/18/14
1001 Caching Days in a Row

Tag # 32066 Born 06/28/14
MightyMouse21 Braking Past 4000 Finds

Tag # 31875 Born 06/11/14
MightyMouse21 366 days of Caching

Tag # 31779 Born 06/04/14
Goodjon Toucan 500
By: goodjon

Tag # 31334 Born 05/04/14
PAfishingmom 1000 finds

Tag # 31268 Born 04/30/14
bsabadger - 1000 Smileys

Tag # 31082 Born 04/18/14
Wizard's & Suzanne' 20,000th

Tag # 30836 Born 04/01/14
Milestone Version 2

Tag # 30701 Born 03/22/14
MF's 2000 finds

Tag # 30354 Born 02/22/14
geckl69 - 20000 Finds!
By: geckl69

Tag # 29924 Born 01/19/14
2K Milestone
By: DaveB77

Tag # 29548 Born 12/21/13
Our Journey to 1,000 Finds

Tag # 29336 Born 11/29/13
Milestone 2013 Retired

Tag # 29124 Born 11/08/13
TheWonderStuff 15,000 finds

Tag # 29105 Born 11/07/13
Vamber Celebrates 1000 Finds
By: vamber

Tag # 29000 Born 11/01/13
PTE - Britpitts 10,000

Tag # 28702 Born 10/07/13
CTP's 1000 Find!

Tag # 28539 Born 09/25/13
Wizard and Suzanne's #10,000

Tag # 28519 Born 09/22/13
geckl69 - 15000 Finds!
By: geckl69

Tag # 28137 Born 08/18/13
danbfinder 100 Finds

Tag # 27987 Born 08/02/13
HBV's 500th FTF