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doctor Texas Dreamweaver Marshall Si Nazarene ibgeocaching MEGA Carmilla keg vampire Rubber Duck Canadian calavera Guy Fawkes Roadtrip Butter signature moth Aviator ascension Tinkerbell Thouroughbred Race Horse Raven art autumn Lamb duck Earthbound Control Air Force neoncacher Aussie M & M Ukrainian Club campfire bronzegoat Geardos Geckos Design by Moth King alphabet flip flops Frog walkabout Minecraft Dick Dale Ghost235 pathtags art Mickey sooboxm Designer Tags by Shannan Nifty Fifties Cradle Mountain JMC2015~01 Bath tub Daffodil snowflake 2katz NZMega15 Country Legends Sunflower Geowoodstock stormwater zombie Seaslugs rogerw3 Great Pyrenees flip flop glowinginthedark raccoon Vampiress moustache pie zeili, retired, international travel ferry Nintendo Bigfoot Aussie twin peaks glowinthedark Glade-iators the kinders bat, flow, Halloween, question, Frog Club Geocacging Adorable, Love, Kiss, Hearts kangaroo JMC 2015~02 C sugarlandians Seattle Kali32891 vegetable female form Shiratori 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Tag # 34756 Born 03/01/15
Rxbuff Razorback State Tag
By: rxbuff

Tag # 32701 Born 08/29/14
Fort Smith AR Storm Drain Cover

Tag # 31428 Born 05/11/14
arkfiremedic and 2ter

Tag # 31089 Born 04/20/14
May 1984-May 2014 30 years service

Tag # 31000 Born 04/11/14
MSHippie AR glitter

Tag # 30933 Born 04/06/14
Ladybug Karen 3 yr Anniversary Pathtag

Tag # 30761 Born 03/26/14

Tag # 29712 Born 01/05/14
Ladybug Karen of Arkansas

Tag # 29413 Born 12/07/13
Arkansas Razorback Old School Mascot
By: rxbuff

Tag # 27296 Born 05/31/13
MSHippie #1a

Tag # 27026 Born 05/03/13

Tag # 26341 Born 03/25/13

Tag # 25088 Born 12/09/12
Rxbuff signature tag
By: rxbuff

Tag # 23052 Born 06/24/12

Tag # 20911 Born 01/17/12
All Mouth, No Brains
By: Guwisti

Tag # 16752 Born 03/04/11

Tag # 15598 Born 12/20/10
cateyetech geocaching 2011

Tag # 11844 Born 02/10/10
Ferdinand the Bull (RETIRED)

Tag # 11726 Born 02/01/10

Tag # 11699 Born 01/28/10
Team Low Tech - ygo2slow (RETIRED)

Tag # 11029 Born 11/29/09
TN Girl on the Hunt --AR Part Deux 2010

Tag # 9130 Born 04/30/09

Tag # 9041 Born 04/18/09

Tag # 8138 Born 01/16/09
Arkansas Geocaching

Tag # 7268 Born 09/05/08
States/Provinces/Countries Club-Arkansas-Retired

Tag # 6693 Born 06/19/08
Stuck in Arkansas RETIRED