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Horse Trail Jazzy the cat gay marriage Cross Bones alien Kansas ghost peter and the wolf Munzee Temari cat highway quilt block Stag F.D.R. Central Georgia Summer Adelaide Hills South Dakota Rangers biohazard Travel PHANTOM Yukon Cornelius South West church giga event moon crazy liberty cats Charley Harper Club vehicle Air Force camp distlefink Christ Dale n Barb birds bubbles fireworks Franklin Delano Roosevelt Christmas Omasue Westcan mountain Dragon Ernesto Oz Mega Skull Pathtags NL delaware MWGB 2014 Letter M rainbow bridge J;C Baltimore Android cabin pressure Libby TC's Designs Skiing Chemical May Movie palm lizard wd Adventure Team Basset www.paztags.com Little White House emccormick72, beatles, music Service Insignia Calvin VHS 2014 rubicon X-Ray Lareau autism Christian mogni kitty savant9 robin Clem's Eagle Enchanted block party steampunk club Highway Sign Club lake GCHR red cross Eddie Astros Iwaki City Science Bucky's Birthday Young Money Girl Donald and Mickey DesignbyJandJ otters bobcat GOLDEN DRAGON Pink Cow frogs President The Deathly Hallows Can-Am leaves HMGT mermaid Ciudades de España siren MWGB 2014, M Wheal Coats streaker Glass SaraLyn rhpromos blackhawks ballet road trip Wedding Pink compass rose Stained glass SoobaxM Harper Fire Fighter Paramedic wings caching witch lucky Vegas Fukushima FF VIII diamond Deer GOTHS Trails women and motorcycling monster Roadrunner squid dog florida Designer Tags New England Patriots boobs Memorium quilt club pinksweets designs amphibian Kuala Lumpur black bear Buffalo cornish wheel tree ATLANTA BRAVES www.rhpromos.com Disney Schnauzer westcan 4 Dias d Muertos cancer $ Mahoning Cache keteers Squall España guinea Magic 8 Ball Lionheart gecko manhole cover yetti RV Copper Double Dutch Distelfink MGS punkybrewster GI Joe Baseball Hall of Fame National Guard , Army , Military , Service Team birthday OAKLAND Missouri Ireland Navigation ACT Minion Pink Sweets Pathtag Design Australia Bee emt NewHampshire UP VIERA H sign Yorkie63 DC Comics MMXIV Shioyazaki Razorback Boston bruins JMC Cliffs paramedic Boogie Serewi Moses Lake pegasus sun Namaste cross Maryland Geocaching night DarkStar WSDP Cider Roughriders Alaska Bees APC Otis Cape Breton Island Celtic The Slims Bridge Atlanta SCGA Spaceman Spiff Yogi Stealth Bomber mwbg Seattle Michigan Grimm Treasure rocket Space Coast Geocaching Store BCGA FTF Magazine dad Many Miles honu Maze Pink Sweets wwfm2k14 houmildex 2013 Aussie Boysan Ivy blue Military Unit Insignia Club unicorns Art teacher's Here state park IDAHO MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL cornwall Wisconsin Geocaching Association opossum Pink Sweets Designs rosette video camera COASTGUARD flonopoly Homemaker Aussie M & M CJ Doctor who peppermint Texas Middle Georgia octopus Petronas Francis Scott Key award MWGB 2014 Letter Y Nebraska Braves Day of the Dead scarsdale mwgb 2014 letter R cupcake MEGA patrol Navy Frog jazz nature Midwest Geobash Texas State Park Sexiest Cartoon Animations AL WEST nightvale Dia de los Muertos tiki contra Aircrew MWGB 2014 Christmas M Perce rock US Army 8 JMC/MHC Club Rock bash Pathtag Club clock Star Wars coruze horseshoe rootbeer MINI flag Design by Pathtags N.L. coat of arms hive pig Gerona teacher Symbol gemstone ALF Distelfink Retired Buoy currency VP Aussie Pathtag Club Not Paid Butterfly RedHat YMG is awesome!!! MIAMI MARLINS coins R2D2 Chemistry worry money red hat arkansas Saskatchewan ANGELS METS Monaghanman Steam Train Norwegian The Upper Penninsula of Michigan cruise goat Paddington princess Thomas the Train Hemlock Clt2 Designer Hoop Snake WWFM Washington Queen's Plate Viera hawks! wave Underwater Rusty getatm uk JMC/MHC Sugar Skull Club crest queen kernow Action maccamob lewisville texas fighting farmers big Las Vegas Dark Star Pathtags Chussone Cavy geobash Livingskies Ivan Corps of Discovery Rappel Flatouts softball29 rhino world Simpsons MineRP 2014 May 2014, May, 2014, Pathtag Club Emccormick72 Sports rhinogeo GWIX brick Stamp collector Fire MWGB 2014 letter S Cinderella 9 Wink daryl stars Moon Phases yellow mega event Bird Geodog, Dog, Missy LiveFreeOrDie hike RAA autumn path owl Poconos midwest yin yang Scottish SFNO Ford Maryland dragon, Disney, Maleficent Hatfield, McCoy, HMGT, pig, moonshine, gr8cachers MWGB 2014 Porchlizard Laikh Hawaii Self Portrait couple solstice Monkey Windy City ladyiredhat rabbit peace Quilt Block Club PT Aviary Mickey Saul Road Runner Design by PATHTAGS NL geopate dancing bears indian Lily petroglyph happy MWGB 2014, MWGB, 2014, BASH, MIDWEST Kentucky Derby literature cavies theBIGbadman Military eagle japanese Dutch Hex mining djpointhunter Pinwheel Aura Design watermelon Colorado Pathtag Art theatre San Anselmo CA. Marine Corps Emblem Jos Dickmann FF Drive-in movie night 2014 fore! guardian Griever knot GeocacheAlaska nude heidelberg AMERICAN LEAGUE WEST Texas Rangers MWGB 2014, Y,owl Sattelite Donald Micro Tinkerbell acorn Hatfield, McCoy, Gr8cachers, pig, moonshine, HMGT female form Essex love Animal Ride like you stole it Manhole weed medic Bee's MLB MNS13 puffin linux giga Globe Coin Angel wings rainbow turtle Nuts Event przpig glove sleeping baby, 3 stars Twins mountains Trans army norway signature fun MIC GTNANCY candy cane New Zealand BrierPatch hearts United States Georgia Empire Japanese fabric PIZZA Art Deco Club Teardrop Glitter, Monkey, Geocaching, Tree, Cartoon kokopelli Viera C/O 2014 Phantom O D Opera Phoenix A'S Eevil MWGB 2014 letter E myth Montana timepeice astronomy Steampunk Turtle vw California specimenX Lilo & Stitch Members Breaking Bad wall bone PTE MWGB; 2014; Eric Draven Sears Tower Madeline Breasts hat Moree Stanley Cup superman Forget me not GWXII ocean Ptarmigan dolphin snow OBX pixie Berkshire Pvt. 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HOUSTON ASTROS Calendar Girl Munich the crow Area 51 MHC TeamKross Misses Claus National Guard Shannan kanji Roosevelt PATHTAGS.NL egroeg softball Sea Turtle 30 CLUBS OF THE MLB 1790 Stardust Brothers MWGB 2014, R,Yeti Toad VHS 2K14 mini schnauzer dog, dog house flower maple Dutch Hex Club paw print swan madhouse WGA Benbrook The Earth Star Flower pinksweetsdesigns Halloween getnthinr coast guard PhantomODOpera tin dutch Beaver YMG graduation waves geocaching Brass Shannan Cotterill athens Earthcaches Stamps HBVDesign humming bird pathtag arts Thomas sea Fae LOS ANGELES ANGELS Jen geometry Star Trek 56 Tigersden's Designs oak WWFMXI Chicago dinosaur Pontevedra NZ Rising Dawn

Tag # 30465 Born 03/01/14
Geocaching Happy Tails

Tag # 30077 Born 01/30/14
Saint Charles - GWXII

Tag # 28661 Born 10/01/13
Boba FTF - Resurrected

Tag # 26882 Born 04/28/13
S.W.A.G. - 5 Years so far...

Tag # 25621 Born 01/30/13
QoD's 2013 Tag

Tag # 25003 Born 11/28/12
DaxVolks - Texas Happy Tails

Tag # 23667 Born 08/11/12
Stormtrooper Sugar Skull - RETIRED

Tag # 23123 Born 07/02/12
Ms. Froggy Hopped By!

Tag # 22078 Born 03/31/12
Raylenemo Mickey

Tag # 21632 Born 03/04/12
Dark Star - Truckin' to GWX - RETIRED

Tag # 21630 Born 03/04/12
Dark Star - R2-D2 version - RETIRED

Tag # 21628 Born 03/04/12

Tag # 21453 Born 02/22/12
QoD's 2012 Tag

Tag # 21448 Born 02/22/12
DaxVolks: ASPGB Cache Hunters

Tag # 21446 Born 02/22/12
DaxVolks @ GWX

Tag # 21215 Born 02/06/12
Jah Sun
By: juliev

Tag # 21194 Born 02/05/12
Geo Woodstock X - RETIRED

Tag # 20951 Born 01/20/12
Silver FTF Texas Challenge 2012 Token

Tag # 20950 Born 01/20/12
Silver FTF Texas Challenge 2012 Token

Tag # 20891 Born 01/16/12
TX Ammo Can - Texas Challenge 2012 - RETIRED

Tag # 20830 Born 01/12/12
Spring Iris 2012 v.2 - Retired

Tag # 20814 Born 01/11/12
Texas Challenge 2012

Tag # 20695 Born 01/04/12
Casting Crowns Shiner Black

Tag # 20651 Born 12/31/11
aV8r's Chapter 11 pathtag
By: aeav8r

Tag # 20225 Born 11/24/11
Tranquil T-rex

Tag # 20121 Born 11/13/11
SteamPunk - PumpJack
By: GeoCGS

Tag # 20100 Born 11/11/11
Ecole Des Trois Gourmandes
By: jwigner

Tag # 19716 Born 10/21/11
PC Event Junkie Tag