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Navy sunset polar bear New Zealand Gnome turkey getogether, halloween, holiday inn German Mount Rainier Cardinal National Park cerussite igloo knitting Nicole Florian PATHTAGS.NL CMM 2016 Grouch Foundit Portland Team USA snow volcano monster okinawa S&M collie glow Geowoodstock TPWD Cemetery Jon-Jon SPOOKY penni unicorn EGA Spring Pathtag Express America the Beautiful Quarter Club IOWA aloha Stewie Griffin Halloween, Ghouly, NYC Valor birthday, cupcake, taylor, glow, fun, food pisces Bela cornish snorkeling decoder film cross tweety Australia spectrum Fairy, Moon, Fantasy math Albedo Goddess Zebra Alan Rickman fireflies legend Holiday Ecole Des Trois Gourmandes blue California Raichu find peg doll Tucson harry potter flashlight Sylvester Aotearoa mountain Bull Dog hammer Hagrid Dominate HappyCricket green Arch Zombie Parody Club Lion King ADULT Pink Sweets 3rd quarter sled dog wildlife burgo seahorse metropolis yam Playing Jacks CPO Bavarian voodoo doll dinosaur compass yuck ozglory Pop-up camper Giraffe Raven Startrek tied cornwall getatm finds astronomy JenOvations Tooth flag Pathtag Express car geo alien sloth Romulan ginko Gymnastics rescue Mayflower LionsLair beach Drill Instructor kayak Medicineman flames 234 Challenge Wedding tundrawolf marry Hardhobbit Design by Peachy Pathtags Snow White Ed the Hyena Colors Chinese New Year 2014 Instinct Tassie Trekkers Carp letterboxing TeamHof Red Hat Granny landshark Teufel Hunden Snoopy USS Enterprise Ebenezer Adventure Jen Twinklekitkat Undead Kyndrid Spirit Pathtag Design julia cooking girl female mantis food geocache Canadian Seaworld Alphabet Club PathtagsNL Calvin Royals Sulu Harley penguins elephant Little house on the prairie yellow koala Going Caching Pink Deeets Designs Three Rivers MWGB St. Louis lesbian Pretzle The Green Girl Japanese manhole cover Katmandu, Stupa, Buddha, Pink Sweets, Lotus, PTE 1st Contact APC lighthouse 2016 lizard GW14er Hinamatsuri Beanstalk Pittsburgh MINI turtle, cute, fun, surfing, tortoise, australia Gal Frankenstein Coloured MWGB 2016 snowflake DGS Brian goth kokopelli Santa, christmas, dog Spock tomboy Seaslugs Vermont NYC Sara Borg Nerd Porchlizard lady godzilla J.J.au Perry City Museum Snoopy, Woodstock, Peanuts, Joe Cool Aussie Pathtag Club TXGA 5th ANNUAL LONESTAR ROUNDUP Badger JMC2016~03 4 Stars Whovian STATUE OF LIBERTY GeoWoodstock 14 Shelton marathon mouse Hedwig the Snowy Owl LAMP atlasquest Whovian Club 2016 Roadside Attraction Whovian doctor who Dalek sci-fi Checkov #PIF_PIF_PIF Ishikawa Prefecture rainier Arches married 7 of 9 Bee Dog,corgi zapdos Ham Radio archer Tigger Kapiti chef red Animal Bluebird key west Welsh police VW Bus, photographers, cameras, hippy Pichu japanese Science Red Baron Park House on a PTE Car Club Heavy Metal Cookie Monster cat, dog, rescue dog, cat, puppy, kitty, puppies, kitties, animals, pets, pet LCRF pirates spider-man She Wolf First Contact Light house Demon red hair sailing ship Maine KL6C Vina GCF 2016 Doctor who Bucky Eevee tiger AMERICA Harper purple BONES Lipstick Mickey shisa golf Acadia National Park greedo Destiny West Virginia mini jmc club football Nefertiti Dr. Donna stanford Xmas river Yuma honour liberty peace dracula pistol pete sexy Graph JMC glow, owl, Halloween Mousekewitz Stiletto DesignsbyHappyCricket Pokemon Go siamese Travel Pumpkin stellated Uhura Challenge Train Glitter Wolf hivis Sugar Skull Club Christ of the Abyss snow globe female form Fossil Copper Design by Pathtag NL Sun Flower goingcaching 2016 Pathtags NL Celebrate Arizona army, artillery, military service, ArNG, USAR, Korea Diva Ceduna music Yuk USN Fievel Michigan Alabama Whovian 2016 club geocaching Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse mystic Hogwarts Stained glass Iowa Geocachers Organization JMC Q4 2016 National battleship Nimoy the 3 caballeros Toucan Designs kangaroo Russ house jackson county Florida WV haloween MiGO patriotic hunting cherry blossom Hiking Midwest Geobash lansing Toucan star TFTC PTX Officer USA Team Mystic seminar Star Trek, Captain Picard, quote, Next Generation Borg Queen bus Movie State Seal license plate Ron Weasley Thin Blue Line SoobaxM Swaggy Charlie Harper Mr T Bigfoot Shiny Dratini ckim alphabet Stewie Hut Boggart Dr Who 2016 bikini Pretty American black Campervan Hobbes Nort Shore Wanderer PinellasGeoEvent Hardy Mama Oscar Gryffindor house Pink Video Game galveston State Park hunt Alice Krige Pathtag Exchange yin yang Yeoman Rand gear zodiac volleyball Flowers campfire Geocache Her House on PTE Car Club Celtic Dolphin, Flag, USA Trelawney Manatee PTE car JMC mini club Design by Mountainharp pixie Dratini star trek club 2016 Carlin sheep Elf red zone Frog RFC tink Batman Chicken Butt Felix Shatner BDSM Marine Corps puppy fairy Pink Sweets Pathtag Designs Black Nickel pikachu US Navy mandala WeBBler Girl Scouts Hedwig Triton Car Geomobile Vehicle 4WD 4X4 Vlog Pantone Armadillo Scrooge CONSTANTINE GeoGearHeads japan archery goat steampunk JACS Bettie Page area 51 2016 sci fi robbie the robot owl Tribal Animal Club Doctor Owl Rock City Lego Planets heart Winter Zarie airplane kernow trexx USMC BULL DOG fern MIGO Winter Social15 U.S. Marine Corps witch Bound Merry turtle Favorite flower SAR lantern bashnater Indiana Egyptian Limpkin Setouchi lion Club k-9 ET clown mad Aulani Vinylmation mansfield barney scotty Big Bend National Park Bondage Snape puzzled Moose MichaelJ Creations Indiana Jones Nightcacher JACS Team Electrician country Thanksgiving Videogame bug GPS townsville Boothbay Harbor indian Design by PATHTAGS NL orange Roll Tide Norway Pine iceland gallifrayian Montana PTE water tattoo track tabby Ms Marvelous Feathers Westcan MST3K Aussie shoe Australian Nightmare Catcher KnD Signs Gallifrey Texas State Park Phoenix America the Beautiful Tahoe Tribal Club pahrump Dead Men Tell No Tales cat Minnie Marines Pathtag Express 3000 Hunter collage football club Insect point Butterfly honey bee Star Trek 2016 koi Cow TALE gallifrayian anagh Delorean Geocaching Australia Bull French Yorkie63 Planet Express iron cross Boris Chicago Cubs Koala, Canadian, Canuck, Colorado, Maple Year of the Horse JMC2016~04 Yukon Quest pup Alaska Texas milestone Aussie M & M LBR skyline Ferris Wheel luxiem Seaslugs Designs Hermione Pink Cow Pathtags hound FTF Lakers Incline Mascot Dia de los Muertos blue merle PSL IGO Chris Mackey birthday, fun, glow, Taylor, BBI celebrationkim Preying Mantis Victorian Button simrebel Barn cancer vincent and the doctor Crab bear Mesa Verde mermaid Merry Christmas! zombie Sailor boy! Makeup GCF Most gorgeous place in the world Whip GeoJudt Fossils Team Valor First Pathtag! Pink Sweets Designs B sub engine thin blue line, law enforcement, police, sheep dog ROT13 mommytrex Submissive Southern Cross Badge electric Camper scifi dirtbag Kyndrid Star Wars Peachy Pathtags Jeep Nevada Dr. McCoy Whovian 2016 Penguin 0 to ? in how much time. Minion Dice squirrel Chekov bomber girl Popeye USMC HORROR firework DDR American Flag historical KNOCK KNOCK bama cute hywet woman A Team Pokemon club 2016 Pokémon Club II couple by Loki love Cartoon HBVDesign Bag End Carol Maui GroDog Tutankhamon trex mothmaid Cavalry University Zelda Letterboxer Jaylah patronus Disney sci-fi steampunk frog France Coast Ron dog Tallahassee-Lassie moon Mark Meersman Design by True North Design. (Labrador Retriver) Crater Lake ferret enterprise native american Hobos Jeri Ryan travel bug race On the move Key Largo LPC Geocoinfest Halloween Top Cat Cartoon kanji Kayaking Old Man of the Mountain space ship Kyndrid Spirit Pathtag Design GeocacheAlaska Slave Surfing Santa Mingo Family Guy Charley Harper Crimson Tide Dragon Geocoinfest 2016 ingress Lapras caribou shelux birthday, glow, minion snowglobe superman nco Orion Slave Girl Mini Snowflake Club nuptials Canada/America St. Andrew Brian the dog Minis Nature Quest, Emmet County, trails Ridgeback Dr. Who Mr. Going Caching 2016 JMC, rice, cherry blossoms Whovians 2016 Manger Scottish flag always moth Pokemon II Club GeocacheHer JMC 2016~03 Mary Vaporeon Cukie portal guarded vest AFCACHERS King rune manhole cover Star Fleet Dragoon Chigasaki cook Atlantic Ocean Sunset/sunrise Sandman Santa CJ kalamazoo Pokémon Snowy Owl JMC mini Asian Vinylmation Club 2016 Kyndrid Spirit MEGA snake Horse gecko National Trust cubone escape equine JMC 2016~04 Bat compass rose Area 51 2015 library, reading, summer, Arlington, Texas cloud Sea God Orion Gaming cherry Ladybugs Seaworld Alphabet taybee Mansfield University Olympics Topless terracaching Sybill Trelawney Alphabet Mini Series Seaworld Orchid Tide Seven of Nine Camping Chief Pennsylvania Ponyta spain Dom fireworks sea ham Beer Nativity South Australia hi-vis Cubs Geocervecitas Fish Eagle Globe and Anchor Got fossils Hello Kitty America the Beautiful Quarter Club youngoldfella MMC RETIRED Yoda eagle Steam Punk dolphin Ex, Forest Service, National Forest, bird of prey Military In Memory Kiwi Manhole Travelling pinksweets Pokemon Club II brawny, bear, brawnybear, clan, munzee, st. charles Look in to my eyes marriage JMC2016~4 Seaworld Pirate Thunder Bay ammo can Snowflake Mini Club gear wheels C3p0, Jawa, Zombie, Walking Dead, Star Wars plane Georgia HelloSweetie nature scuba Zombie, C3P0, Jawa, Star Wars witch, halloween, cat, kitty, girl, spooky, magic Monhegan banner Norwegian Elkhound Mr. Yuk House on PTE club Fire thehobos hyena Buckbeak beauty Irish Horses Silver Fern Florida Keys paleontology GCA peace Christmas lights scarf lake aurora Star Fleet Medical Master santa Queensland black cat Pomeranian doctor Psycho Tinkerbell Sunflower RockChalk Star Trek Bottle Cap Club, Frostie Root Beer Gadget Cache post doe Wisconsin Geocaching Association John Pennenkamp Bombay Hook Michigan, MIGO, Summer 16, Lighthouse 351 Challenge Pokémon GO dodecahedron doll pathtags art search and rescue Stiletto Gal Lamprey RK9 Captain Kirk America The Beautiful Club Kat Grand Canyon Staten Island Peachfaced yukon tern Egypt extravaganza Steelers NPS NPS 100 Year 1B tree Dragonfly Devil Dog urnes m dr who Lugosi Mushroom 2016 PTX Bullwinkle Hawaii Sphinx Adipose electricity GCHR birdhouse colorful quarter tardis Bird McDuck STUPID USA, America, family, Mama JMC club freshman letterbox WGA Zombie Club Swing Kirk NPS 100 Klingon vancatmeow oldest Rangers bottle cap Oktoberfest YSAR Pay-it-forward.global family Expecto Patronum army Turtle Mini abstract julia child FTF Geocacher Magazine, Cryptids, Cryptozoology, Yeti Sonic Screwdriver tribal Spy snowman JMC2016~03 Club geobash USFWS Vinylmation Club Patronum Star Trek Club ultra ball Oklahoma game Nebraska pokemon Shark Christmas gcd Serenity PTX 2016

Tag # 32328 Born 07/22/14
djpointhunter's tag

Tag # 31896 Born 06/13/14
Charley Harper Club - Warming Warning
By: ejworth

Tag # 25994 Born 02/27/13

Tag # 25984 Born 02/27/13
fuzziebear3 Signature - Green Flash

Tag # 21702 Born 03/08/12
Signature Tag Version 2

Tag # 21023 Born 01/25/12
Quilt Block #4

Tag # 21022 Born 01/25/12
Quilt Block #3

Tag # 21021 Born 01/25/12
Quilt Block #2

Tag # 21020 Born 01/25/12
Quilt Block #1

Tag # 16539 Born 02/25/11
BluesHiker 1.1

Tag # 16436 Born 02/21/11
Fleur de Lys

Tag # 16146 Born 02/03/11
Hemo on Walkabout - Retired

Tag # 16024 Born 01/25/11
When Life Hands you a 5/5 - Joshua 1:9

Tag # 15521 Born 12/13/10
Turtles the Game - Nathan

Tag # 15520 Born 12/13/10
Turtles the Game - Seth

Tag # 15519 Born 12/13/10
Turtles the Game - Cassie

Tag # 15517 Born 12/13/10
Turtles the Game - Hollie

Tag # 15516 Born 12/13/10
Turtles the Game - Linda

Tag # 15515 Born 12/13/10
Turtles the Game - Mary

Tag # 15290 Born 11/19/10
Christmas Mingo 2010

Tag # 15002 Born 11/01/10
RETIRED - 2010 Holiday Stocking

Tag # 14669 Born 10/04/10
Navajo Nation / Ancient Civilization Club

Tag # 14598 Born 09/28/10
Stained Glass Loon

Tag # 14392 Born 09/10/10
Quilt Block Club - TriangleTessellation Quilt

Tag # 14391 Born 09/10/10
RETIRED - Optical Illusion Quilt

Tag # 13988 Born 08/07/10
If you take Something...

Tag # 13938 Born 07/31/10
Nemo Disney Club

Tag # 13575 Born 06/22/10
Pete's Dragon - Disney Club
By: tekkguy

Tag # 13228 Born 05/25/10
Bundaberg Ginger Beer - Beer Cap Club (RETIRED)